About Coswic Construction Services

Super8 HandbookCoswic Construction Services was formed early in 2001 by electrical
engineer Willem Odendaal.
He had seen, during his years of
maintenance work with a major utility company, a dire need for
a service that could undertake professional building maintenance.

He witnessed shoddy, even dangerous workmanship. What appalled
him was that this was considered acceptable practice among many of the tradesmen he encountered. This was not confined to just electrical installations but to very rock bed of a building's foundations, construction and trimmings.

Frustrated by what he perceived as a laissez-faire attitude by those
entrusted with the job he resolved to do something about it.

Now he recognised the need for a service that protected the capital expenditure of landlords and home owners. He saw many millions of rands of investment written off through time, weather, general neglect - all for the want of proper care.

Property owners, he felt, were entitled to a return on investment. Yet their trust for the upkeep and care which they were paying for, albeit naively, was being abused. Lack of pride in workmanship on the part of those tasked with the job of keeping the buildings functional and protecting assets was virtually non-existent.

He could make a difference. It was the beginning of a dream. From there his vision has grown exponentially.

From the one-man enterprise that it was back in 2001, CCS has grown into a five-man team of highly- skilled professionals, equipped with hi-tech mobile workshops. From an initial modest capex of just under R20 000 the company’s equipment assets were recently valued by its auditors at over R500 000. This came about through reinvestment in state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, up-to-date technology, vehicles and tooling requirements.

Quietly but with firm endeavor CCS has been earning itself a reputation for excellence.

Should you have any queries regarding any other maintenance or building related services please Contact Us and we willl try our utmost to accommodate you.